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Best Tips for growing high quality cannabis

In times like these, stoners all over the world are scrambling to find a way to get their fix for marijuana, as a vast number of countries are in complete lockdown at the moment, and that doesn’t exclude cannabis clubs. And in difficult situations like these were it’s becoming extremely tough to leave our houses, a lot of people are resorting to growing their own weed at home. We at Cannabis Barcelona are aiming to help all you stoners out there in growing the best possible cannabis at home.

Marijuana Vaping 101

Vaping is the latest craze among marijuana enthusiasts in which an electronic device called a vaporizer (or vape for short) heats up your herbs to a specific temperature. Instead of burning your herbs, the vaporizer heats up the herbs in a chamber. The heat is only high enough to release vapor from the active ingredients, instead of causing combustion of the entire herb. In cannabis, this will be the THC, CBD and any other cannabinoids that the specific strain carries.

Spannabis 2020 : All You Need To Know

Spannabis Spannabis, an annual Cannabis event held in Barcelona, Spain since 2002, is considered the biggest Cannabis event in Europe. This year, the 8th version of the World Cannabis Conference will be held alongside Spannabis with the presence of major influential figures from the scientific, medical, and political figures. This event attracts numerous visitors, making it a heaven for everything cannabis.

Baking Edibles for Beginners

With global growth in popularity due to its wide array of marijuana benefits, more and more people are discovering creative ways to consume cannabis. Baking, for instance, is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for marijuana loversand enthusiast everywhere. If you’re thinking of baking with marijuana, follow these tips and information if you wanna reach pot greatness!

How to Make Your Weed High Stronger

Sometimes you feel that the weed you’re smoking is no longer cutting it and feels like you need this extra surge of high to have a better experience. We’ ve all been looking for some additional ways to make our high feel more intense, without spending tons of money and going through a hectic time to do so.

Ultimate Guide to CBD and its consumption methods

CBD has been able to gain popularity in quite a short period of time, and that is all due to its  incredible therapeutic properties. Aside from the traditional consumption methods, this article will entail alternative ways to consume CBD and explain more about the procedure and benefits of each. 

Top 5 Things Not to Do With Weed

There are plenty of ways to consume and enjoy cannabis, as well tons of things to do while high, and it’s quite easy to find a lot of options when it comes to that. But we at Cannabis Barcelona decided to take a different approach and give our opinion on what should not be done with weed as we think these tips could be important and crucial for your experience with marijuana.

Cannabis Tourism in Barcelona

While the laws regarding full legalization of cannabis in Barcelona still have room to grow (so to speak), the scenic city is already considered to be the hottest spot in Europe for cannabis. What is it that makes tourists and cannabis in Barcelona such a potent force? Read on to find out!

How to Clean Your Bong

Not only will cleaning your bong preserve the beautiful taste of the weed you're smoking but it is also a healthier way.

Best Munchies In Barcelona

We all know how important it is to have good munchies after some nice weed, and Barcelona is a city that doesn't shy away from its options.

Misconceptions About CBD

Although discovered almost 80 years ago, CBD is just now booming in popularity as a natural, safe and holistic health aid.

The 420 Story

Although many people smoke weed every day for a wide range of reasons, 420 has become the unofficial holiday that’s celebrated globally for cannabis consumers.

Jack Herer The Hemperor

Cannabis enthusiasts across the globe know of Jack Herer, the popular sativa-dominant strain of weed. But who was Jack Herer the legend?

Is Weed Legal in Ibiza ? | Marijuana Barcelona

World-famous for its clubbing and high-paced lifestyle, Ibiza is quickly emerging in the cannabis world. This is due to the recent changes in the law in Spain that permit the personal use of cannabis in private spaces.

How to buy Weed in Ibiza | Marijuana Barcelona

Summer has arrived and the party season in Ibiza is already running like a Formula 1 race. The first thing a stoner does before traveling to other countries is cannabis research; that’s why we are here!

Cannabis and Health | Marijuana Barcelona

What’s the truth about cannabis and its effects on health? Following are some of the pros and cons based on research studies and empirical evidence over the last several years.

Marijuana Microdosing | Marijuana Barcelona

Cannabis microdosing is a growing trend in cannabis consumption where users take small amounts of cannabis in order to achieve the medicinal benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects.

CBD in Spain | Marijuana Barcelona

In the last few years, the compound CBD has been earning popularity and acceptance worldwide due to its capabilities to easily treat and heal dozens of diseases and chronic conditions.

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