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Misconceptions About CBD

Although discovered almost 80 years ago, CBD is just now booming in popularity as a natural, safe and holistic health aid.

Marijuana Tourism in Barcelona | Marijuana Barcelona

Marijuana tourism in Barcelona is booming, but there are many laws and guidelines that are likely different than what tourists have experienced in other cities, especially those outside Spain. Following is a summary of what you can expect regarding marijuana tourism in Barcelona.

Is Weed Legal in Ibiza ? | Marijuana Barcelona

World famous for its clubbing and high-paced lifestyle, Ibiza is quickly emerging in the cannabis world. This is due to the recent changes in the law in Spain that permit the personal use of cannabis but still forbid its commercial use and sale.

How to buy Weed in Ibiza | Marijuana Barcelona

Summer has arrived and the party season in Ibiza is already running like a Formula 1 race. The first thing a stoner does before traveling to other countries is cannabis research; that’s why we are here! We want to help you have the best time for your vacations.

Cannabis and Health | Marijuana Barcelona

What’s the truth about cannabis and its effects on health? Following are some of the pros and cons based on research studies and empirical evidence over the last several years.

Marijuana Microdosing | Marijuana Barcelona

Cannabis microdosing is a growing trend in cannabis consumption where users take small amounts of cannabis in order to achieve the medicinal benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects.

CBD in Spain | Marijuana Barcelona

In the last few years, the compound CBD has been earning popularity and acceptance worldwide due to its capabilities to easily treat and heal dozens of diseases and chronic conditions.