Cannabis Concentrates – The 101 Guide

Cannabis concentrates are concentrated forms of cannabis that are products of extraction of the most beneficial cannabis compounds. From brownies and cookies to oils and medicated creams, there are concentrates today in hundreds of products around the world.

Concentrates are made from the cannabis plant via an extraction process that keeps only the most desirable plant compounds (i.e. cannabinoids and terpenes). Ounce-for-ounce, cannabis concentrates have a greater proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes when compared to natural cannabis flowers. Subsequently, concentrates are much more pure and potent and expensier obviously.

Cannabis Concentrates Hash, Wax, Dabs, BHO.

There are several methods of extraction for concentrates. Two of the most common are:

  • Solvent-based: this type of extraction uses a chemical solvent to strip off the most essential oils from the cannabis plant. The most common types of solvents concentrates are CO2 oil, butane hash oil, propane hash oil, and alcohol.
  • Solvent-free:  this type of extraction offers the most untainted form of cannabis concentrates and is considered to be the highest quality. This method of extraction uses water or gravity to isolate the resin-bearing trichome from the plant’s undesirable by- products, resulting in pure, high quality and very potent concentrates the most common are cold pressed, kief, rosin or the most commonly know hash.
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What are the advantages of cannabis concentrates

Although concentrates aren’t for everyone, they do offer several benefits, including:

Greater potency. The single greatest advantage to cannabis concentrates is that they’re so much more potent than regular flower. This is especially important for medical patients who need the extra potency to help treat their condition, or for adult-use consumers who prefer the added potency.

Quicker consumption. Due to their greater potency, concentrates require a smaller dose in less time. In fact, a quick “dab” (the slang term for concentrates) can provide an almost instant effect in mere seconds.

More cost effective. Although concentrates are more expensive per gram than flower, they will last much longer, again, due to their increased potency. Of course, this depends on your consumption method and frequency. But dollar-for-dollar concentrates generally are more cost-effective.

live rosin

Less odor. If you’re in a situation where privacy and discretion are an issue, concentrates are ideal. Their odor is barely noticeable, which is especially true when consuming concentrates via a vape pen.

Readily accessible. Being that concentrates are so popular today, the number of concentrates on the market has skyrocketed and they are readily available. With that said, we always recommend finding a legal and credible source as with any cannabis product.

Variety. Concentrates are also available in more flavors and smells than ever before. If you have a particular strain of cannabis you favor, you’ll likely enjoy its concentrate counterpart!

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