Best Ways To Store Your Weed

When you get you marijuana, either from a cannabis club or a dispensary, it’s not just any ordinary investment. You’re buying a special herb with unique benefits for both health and recreation. So, when you make that special purchase and bring it home, it’s important to keep it stored properly in order to maintain and maximize its quality, freshness and taste.

Cannabis Buds in a Airtight Container
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Weed Storage

Some may think that using regular jars, plastic bags or plastic storage containers are just fine for storing weed, but that’s simply not the case. In order to most effectively store your weed, you should consider the following options:

  • An airtight glass container. An airtight glass container will retain your weed’s freshness and taste for a long time to come. One of the best options is a mason jar that comes with a rubber or silicone seal. These jars will keep your weed fresh for a year, give or take. Glass herb containers are another excellent option. These containers are specifically designed for herbs and weed. They’re smell proof, airtight, and even have UV protection. Like mason jars, glass herb containers will keep your weed fresh for about a year.
  • A stainless steel container. Stainless steel containers are another great storage option. Like mason jars or glass herb containers, they’re airtight, smell-proof, and even light-proof. However, they are more expensive and only keep your weed fresh for about two months. If you do opt for a stainless steel container, a tin canister with latch is good for protecting your weed from moisture. CVault containers are also gaining in popularity for weed storage. Not only are they light and odor-proof, but they also feature humidity- controlled curing.
Jar filled with Kush Strain and glass bong
  • A humidor box. Weed humidor boxes are ideal for retaining your herb’s freshness by maintaining a constant humidity. They’re also portable, discreet, and perfect for travel. There are several types of humidor boxes to choose from, including the top-of-the-class Apothecary Case that stores everything you need and also provides security features. The Skunk Box is a portable, travel-size container that has a hygrometer digital display that measures moisture level. High-end Cannador premium storage boxes are distinctly designed for both short and long-term storage. Made of solid mahogany wood to control humidity and odor, Cannador boxes come in different sizes to accommodate different amounts of weed. Finally, there’s the Cannaseur premium storage box that’s also made of wood: either walnut or mahogany. These boxes feature a two-way humidifying system that maintains a constant humidity level of 60 percent.

No matter which way you choose to store your weed, keep in mind that weed is best kept in a dark place because light can degrade THC and other cannabinoids. It’s also essential to keep your herb in a dry place with the right level of humidity. Between 59% and 63% relative humidity is considered ideal.

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