The Ultimate Guide to Smoking in Barcelona

If you’re either living or visiting Barcelona and are wondering if you can smoke cannabis in the city, the answer is a qualified yes. You see, the laws in Spain regarding the legalization of cannabis are still evolving – and it looks like the pro-cannabis groups may win the battle, hopefully, one day soon.

Important Things to Know

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Another important benefit of joining a social club is that when you join as a member, you get a share of the cannabis that’s grown by the club, which technically belongs to all its members. By paying the club its annual membership fee, you’re essentially paying for the privilege of being a member, which includes your share of the amount it costs them to grow the cannabis for their members. Therefore, as a member of a club, you needn’t worry about where to get your cannabis. The club will provide it!

You can also smoke cannabis in the privacy of a private home or apartment. Again, the law in Spain (including Barcelona) is that smoking cannabis is not allowed anywhere in public. But, along with social clubs, you are allowed to smoke in the privacy of a private home or apartment. Keep in mind that it is illegal to transport cannabis (the law states over two ounces), so be sure to keep it secure and hidden at all times.

However, right now there are restrictions you should be aware of. These include: You can only smoke cannabis in a private setting. The current Spanish law does not allow any use of cannabis in a public setting. This includes smoking, growing or even possessing. Accordingly, it’s illegal to distribute, transport or sell cannabis. Back to smoking cannabis, if you’re caught smoking it in public, your stash will be confiscated and you’ll typically be fined.

You can freely smoke in the local cannabis clubs. The Spanish constitution grants to its citizens the right of association – and people with shared interests are free to form organized groups. Cannabis clubs (i.e. coffee shops) are considered as social spaces for organized groups of cannabis consumers, including medicinal marijuana patients. As long as the clubs operate within the confines of the law by maintaining a limited membership (and not for the public at large), they offer you a safe, legal and private environment to smoke and enjoy your cannabis.

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How do I join a cannabis club?

The cannabis clubs in Barcelona are open to anyone who meets their membership criteria. This includes having a valid photo ID, being of legal age (usually 18, but 21 in some cases), and paying the annual membership fee. In addition, some private clubs require you to have a referral or endorsement from an existing member of the club before they can grant you a membership. So, if you’re a tourist, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet the membership eligibility requirements for joining some of Barcelona’s more exclusive cannabis clubs. However, there are a growing number of clubs in Barcelona and you’ll likely find one or more that you can join as a tourist.

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A word of caution

As with many other cities across the world, Barcelona has street dealers who are selling illegally. If you purchase from them, not only are they breaking the law, but you are, too. So, keep this in mind before approaching any stranger on the street and inquiring about weed. Stick to the legitimate clubs – and maybe even make friends with an honest and friendly Barcelona!

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